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A Passion for Needlework


  If you are searching for extravagant, handmade and stylish home accessories, jewellery or teddy bears, then you are most heartily welcome to have a look around in my internet shop.


  Each home accessory, decorative cushion, picture or pendant, hand stitched with silk or satin ribbon embroidery is unique in design and style, one of a kind. The teddy bears are individually designed and handcrafted by myself using only first class materials.


  In my shop you will also find interesting items where I have used different handcrafting methods and styles from various artistic directions, for example Découpage, art embroidery, or teddy bear making.


  This diversity not only makes the finished article very distinctive and individual, ideal for every taste or home-decor, but also perfect as a personal gift for birthdays, weddings and any other seasonal or special occasion.


 I do hope you have lots of fun browsing through my web-shop.


Svetlana Bell



Seidenbänderstickerei Kunststickerei

Silk or satin ribbon embroidery

Teddybär, Maler mit Staffellei, handarbeit

Teddy bears and friends

Original and Unique

"I love creative work. It gives me the chance to produce something new and original. This passion is reproduced in each and every item of my work".

- Svetlana