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The fascinating thing about artistic embroidery

"I use many varieties of artistic embroidery in my work, a very specific form of art that unfortunately does not get the recognition that this difficult but remarkable and impressive creative arts genre deserves.

The different types of embroidery or techniques such as ribbon embroidery, silk/satin embroidery, cross stitch, stumpwork, trapunto, jute filigree, gold stitch, etc. can be combined according to the artistic design that one requires. Ribbon embroidery and flat embroidery are the focus of most of my work, because they have no limitations or restrictions in terms of freedom of design, composition, or execution. Ribbon embroidery with silk or satin ribbons is a type of embroidery that transforms regular products into something artistic, special and unique. With this stitch technique, which has many facets, you can create three-dimensional lifelike motifs with great realistic effects.
From the combination of design options and creative approach, new ideas are being constantly developed. You can always let your imagination and creativity come into their own in your own work. With my work in these decorative art forms, I have accumulated a lot of valuable technical experience and knowledge, and have continued to develop and improve my artistic techniques. My work now includes embroidered pictures, home-decor, jewellery, and artist teddy bears.

On this page, I would like to illustrate, with some examples of my embroidery, how diverse and rich in content, artistic embroidery can be."


-  Svetlana

Silk ribbon embroidery, satin stitch, stump work, trapunto

"Erneuerung"   -  2021

Silk ribbon embroidery, satin stitch embroidery, stump work, trapunto, painting, material: linen base cloth, silk ribbon, silk thread, acrylic paint, textile colouring, silk fabric, cotton, glass beads, metallic thread, structure paste.
height  / width : 32 x 43 cm

Artists interpretation:

In a gloomy, darkened place, where bleak houses stand dimly in the twilight, embedded in damp, cold wafts of mist, the world seems empty, desolate. In the pale, dim moonlight, there is no longer any sign of life.
But elsewhere, "Mother Nature" is slowly  renewing, reviving, moving onwards towards this place of eternal darkness.  On her person and in her clothing she carries with her the diverse elements, flora, and species of nature, requisite to bringing back life and renewal to this sombre place of dejection and despondency.


Picture elements:
Background fabric: linen - painted. Structure: painting and structure paste painted. "Mother Nature": dress - silk and cotton with silk ribbon embroidery. Bodice - silk yarn flat embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery. Headgear - Embroidered with metallic thread. Bird and Butterflies - silk yarn, satin embroidery and stumpwork. Flowers - silk ribbon embroidery. Hair - goats wool. Face and hands - fabric shaped and painted (Trapunto). Embroidery: decorated with glass beads.

Silk ribbon embroidery, satin stitch

"Sehnsucht"  -  2021


Silk ribbon embroidery, satin stitch embroidery, painting-colouring, Material: linen base cloth, silk ribbon, silk yarn,

acrylic paint, textile colouring, cotton yarn, wood, structure paste.

height  / width : 24 x 24 cm

Artists interpretation:
A lonely girl sits on a simple stone bench in front of a plain grey stone wall and daydreams. Next to her on the bench are some marigolds that she picked myself. The girl sees an imaginary window with a rustic wooden frame, and through this window an idyllic, romantic lake framed by high mountains. A completely different environment than her current one, with old stone walls and a stone bench; a completely different, beautiful world between reality and fantasy.

A perfect world? Or just her longing for the unattainable.


Picture elements:
Background fabric: linen - painted. Wall - structure paste painted. Bench - Viscose and silk yarn flat embroidery. Window frame - painted wood. Marguerites - silk ribbon embroidery. Hair - goat wool with silk ribbon bow. Dress - silk yarn flat embroidery with silk ribbon. The picture: mountains and sea - Various silk yarn flat embroidery.

Silk ribbon embroidery, satin stitch

""Collage Paris"   -  2020

Silk ribbon embroidery, satin stitch embroidery, découpage, painting-colouring, collage, basket formed from jute, Material: linen base cloth, silk ribbon, silk yarn, cotton yarn,

acrylic paint, textile colouring, jute, lace.

height  / width : 28.5 x 28.5 cm

Cross stitch

"Portrait of a girl"   -  2021

Maler: Nikolai Rachkov. 1809

Cross stitch embroidery, 235x300 stitches, 47 colours, 18 ct.

height / width: 42,5 x 33 cm

Scheme: Luca-S

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