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The Art of Creative Embroidery

Artistic embroidery, my passion


 "An early love for embroidery"


 I found my love for embroidery and needlework at a very early age, and after a two-year needlework course I started creating different items of clothing and home accessories for friends and relations. After a time, I rediscovered and taught myself the old techniques of silk ribbon embroidery and soutache. Since then, I design and produce home accessories, costume jewellery and teddy bears. I enjoy combining different handcraft techniques and materials with creative ideas, thereby developing and producing something that is unique.


"Teddy bear making, an art, my passion"


My passion for teddy making began after visiting a teddy bear exhibition in Muenster, Germany. A short time afterwards, I attended a teddy bear maker's course. I now produce teddy bears using my own design and patterns. Each teddy bear is unique, handmade using traditional craftsmanship.

Only top quality material is used, (Mohair, Alpaca, wool etc.), the eyes are made from Lauscha glass, the nose is stitched and waxed. Each teddy has at least five movable joints, which makes them very flexible. The teddy bear's clothes are designed, stitched or knitted, with great attention to detail, by myself. The superb quality of fabrics, material, and craftsmanship makes each teddy bear a worthwhile collectable.


"Only the highest quality materials"


I buy the textiles, fabrics and materials needed for my creations from local and international shops and markets. The decorative and interior textiles used in my products are of natural cotton, wool and/or qualitative, synthetic fabrics.

The selection and choice of fabrics, the high quality and property of textiles is of great importance to me. For silk ribbon embroidery, only high quality soft silk ribbons of 100% silk are used. The satin ribbons of excellent quality have a fine selvedge and can be washed at 30 °C. The Gobelin tapestry (tapisserie) used for the decorative cushions have elaborately woven motifs of mixed fabric, cotton and polyester, making them robust, very durable but also modern and decorative.

Artist teddy bears

teddy bear handcrafted artistic design

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