Decor cushion with satin ribbon embroidery

Embroidered decorative cushions, elegant & exclusive

One of our very special handcrafted products is the decorative cushion with satin ribbon embroidery. Each embroidered decor cushion, elegant & exclusive, is unique and has an individual style.

Ribbon embroidery is a type of embroidery that transforms functional products into something special and original. The ribbons are stitched and pulled multiple times through the fabric and formed into the desired shape, this creates beautiful three-dimensional motifs and features. Each embroidered cushion cover is lovingly handcrafted by me and is only available once in each design. These beautiful artistic cushions would be ideal as a special decoration for your home or can be given as a unique and distinctive gift.

Decor cushions with an individual style

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Personalized decor cushions with embroidered monogam

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